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At House of Knives, we believe a chef is only as good as their knives, so ensure your prized possessions will stand the test of time by storing your knives in a knife blocks.

We are proud to provide a collection of blocks that will not only protect your knives from bacteria and germs, but they’ll also be kept out of harm’s way between each use.

Protect your best assets with a knife block from House of Knives

Store your knives safely when not in use with a premium knife block. Not only will it keep dust and other contaminants away from your blades, but it will also do a wonderful job at prolonging knife sharpness. We offer a wide range of knife blocks, made from natural wood or metal to complement your kitchen’s décor. Available in your choice of 4, 5, 6 or 7 pieces, you are sure to find the perfect knife block for your needs. Short on benchtop surface space? We also have a range of magnetic knife blocks that can be hung on the wall.

It’s never been easier to keep your knives sorted and ready for action. With a knife block, you can keep track of your knives and easily choose the correct one for your cuisine operations.

Why buy your knife blocks from House of Knives?

We are a family-owned business, which is why we can offer a personalised customer service experience unlike any other. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our products, we’ll resolve your concerns immediately. We offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty and guarantee, and a 90-day return policy – hassle-free.

With knife blocks hand-picked just for you, we’re all about providing the best online shopping experience.

About House of Knives

House of Knives is Australia’s leading online retailer, offering high-quality kitchen knives, knife sets and cookware at competitive prices from the world’s top brands. Shop our range of knife blocks today and enjoy fast shipping to anywhere in Australia. Got a question regarding any of our products? Contact us on 1800-062-348 or send an email to help@houseofknives.com.au.

At House of Knives, we believe a chef is only as good as their knives, so ensure your prized possessions will...