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Keep your high-quality knife set clean and organised with a magnetic knife block or strip from House of Knives.

House of Knives is Australia’s leading online retailer offering premium-quality kitchen knives, knife sets, accessories and cookware at competitive prices from the world’s top brands. Shop our range of Magnetic Knife Sets today!

Keep Your Kitchen Knives Hygienic

Ready for a brand-new knife set fully equipped with high-quality blades to make every day cooking easier? Shop our collection of Furi and F. Dick magnetic knife sets.

Each set comes with a range of use-case utensils. From paring knives for peeling, slicing and coring fruit and vegetables to chef’s knives armed with a wide, super sharp blade that makes light work of heavy vegetables and tough meats.

Whether you’re searching for a wall mounted rack or the more traditional magnetic knife block or case, House of Knives has plenty of options to choose from. Each set is rigged with an extra strong magnet that securely holds knives in place, keeping them scratch free and safe from damage.

Magnetic Knife Blocks vs. Wooden Knife Blocks

While high-quality knives are typically long-lasting, keeping them in the best shape possible is an important step in ensuring a longer lifespan for premium knives. The most effective way to achieve this is by using an organisational method that keeps knives clean and from bacteria and germs. The popular choice amongst most is a wooden knife block. While this option is cost-effective and practical, it can sometimes lead to frustrations when trying to fit various-sized knives into pre-cut holes, especially as your knife collection continues to expand. It also isn’t the most hygienic solution, as inserting wet knives can be unsanitary.

For an organisation tool that will grow with your collection, opt for something more streamlined and sleeker by purchasing a magnetic knife set from House of Knives. Magnetic Knife Blocks help to keep clutter off your bench top by safely securing your knives, no matter their shape or size.

Magnetic knife sets also make it easier to keep track of your knives and avoid the annoyance of messy, unorganised drawers. Equipped with a simple magnetic strip or base, all the magnetic knife blocks sold by House of Knives can either be hung on the wall or placed on your kitchen bench top.

Why Should You Buy From House of Knives?

On our site we stock a variety of magnetic knife cases and blocks from the biggest brand names in knives. Forged from high quality, resistant plastics and steels, all our knife sets come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a 90-day no-hassle return policy. World-renowned for the blue ribbon materials used in their products, all the knives readily available online at House of Knives are crafted in either Germany or Japan.

Interested in upgrading your chef knife? Check out our full range of Wusthof chef knives, made in Germany.

Your One-Stop Online Shop for All Kitchen Essentials

If you are looking to make upgrades to your kitchen, House of Knives is your go-to one-stop online shop. Stocking the best brands in kitchenware, House of Knives sells more than just knives. From pots and pans to coffee mills and tea products, our site is fully stocked with the latest kitchen products, accessories and utensils.

Feel confident you are receiving the best products with House of Knives. As one of the most responsive and reliable knife suppliers in Australia, we aim to provide each customer with products that work well for their individual needs. If you have any questions regarding our knives and additional offerings, contact our knife experts by giving us a call today at +1300 518 069 or sending an email to help@houseofknives.com.au.

Keep your high-quality knife set clean and organised with a magnetic knife block or strip from House of Knives.