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For perfect cuts of sashimi nothing slices like a sashimi (Yanagiba) knife. The long sharp blade seamlessly slices the flesh without pulling or tearing.

Sashimi is a popular Japanese meal, and its preparation requires the precision of a sharp, slender knife. The market has a wide range of sashimi knives to give you an easy time preparing the food and presenting it elegantly. The blades come in different materials and lengths. They are thin and long to allow you to cut through fish in one uninterrupted stroke, giving you clean, neat cuts. Below are some of the best sashimi knives to consider purchasing for your kitchen.

Shun Kai Seki Magoroku KK Right-Handed Yanagiba Knife 30cm

The Shun Kai Classic Seki Sashimi Knife has a slim, long blade that ensures you get wafer-thin, precise slices of fish and other seafood. Use it to cut raw fish fillets into thin pieces and enjoy the meal. The blade features a one-sided beveled design with a satin finish that gives it a lovely appearance. It is simple to use, high-quality, and made from high-carbon stainless steel. This sashimi knife also has an octagonal, black pakka wood handle that adds to its style. The blade is 30cm long and 3mm thick to ensure high functionality in the kitchen..

Musashi Aogami-Super Rosewood Sujihiki Slicing Knife 24cm

Another sashimi knife on sale is the Musashi-Aogami 24 cm type. It does a perfect job slicing fish, roasts, turkey, and raw meats. Its long blade lets you slash fish in one stroke, and the decreased surface area prevents the blade from sticking to your sashimi pieces. This Japanese sashimi knife gives you clean, ultra-thin slices and is made from high-carbon steel. It has a double-edged blade and a shitan handle that complete its elegant look. The blade is 24cm long, making it shorter than some brands.

F Dick Red Spirit Yanagiba Carving Sushi Knife 24cm

Both sushi and sashimi include thin slices of raw fish. The difference between the two is that sushi is served with rice while sashimi is eaten as it is without rice. F Dick provides a stunning sashimi knife with a gorgeous red spirit handle. It is extremely sharp due to its specially made one-sided edge. The manufacturer utilizes high-alloyed stainless steel for the blade to provide lasting edge retention. The handle is also high-quality, non-slip, and round-shaped to ensure safety in the kitchen and comfort.

Miyabi 5000MCD Birchwood Sujihiki Slicing Knife 24cm


As one of the best sashimi knives, the Miyabi 5000MCD is a high-quality knife made from SG2 super steel and a 100-layer Damascus pattern. The blade goes through an ice-hardening procedure that strengthens the manufacturer's steel. The knife has a full tang design to ensure durability and the edge is hand-honed. The lovely birch handle has a creative design and makes the whole knife look unique. Besides using it for sashimi, the blade is also used for carving and slicing foods like meat, roasts, and other proteins. Preparing sashimi needs a razor-sharp, well-balanced knife. As you look at different brands providing the Japanese sashimi knife, ensure you spend money on the best blades. Check the material a company uses and the overall design of the knife. Sashimi knives on sale vary in price, and you can get a high-quality blade that fits your budget. Choose knives made from high-quality materials and which have an ergonomic design. You can buy a longer or shorter sashimi knife, depending on what feels comfortable in your hand.


For perfect cuts of sashimi nothing slices like a sashimi (Yanagiba) knife. The long sharp blade seamlessly slices the flesh without pulling or...