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At House of Knives, we aim to provide both amateur and professional chefs with quality products that can be used in commercial and residential kitchens. Knives are arguably the most important kitchen tool. You should consider purchasing one that will not only provide you with precision and ease, but also will last you a lifetime. By handpicking the best brands in knives and accessories, House of Knives ensures each and every order contains premium, top quality products, fit for any type of kitchen.


All products purchased through House of Knives come with a full manufacturer warranty and if you are unhappy with your product, we will give you a full refund or exchange. Explore the best knives in the world at House of Knives.

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Slice through meat, produce and fish with incredible precision; browse our extensive range of quality chef knives from the best brands in the industry. House of Knives stocks a wide range of Japanese kitchen knives including the critically-acclaimed Tojiro, Miyabi and Shun Kai and popular German brands such as Henckels, Wusthof and F. Dick.

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Elevate your kitchen with premium products and accessories from the world’s best brands. Beyond knives, House of Knives stocks the latest ranges of cookware, tea and coffee products and kitchen accessories.

Shop Zassenhaus cutting boards, scales and coffee mills and Küchenprofi tea and coffee pots. Explore our range of Elo premium pots and pans. Or purchase environmentally-friendly Evo reusable trolley bag sets.

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Dating back centuries, Japanese knives can be sharpened at a finer angle because they are crafted from the strongest steel. Combining technology and generations of bladesmith knowledge, Japanese knives hold an edge much better than the rest of the competition. This quality contributes to a knife that is thinner, harder and sharper, which can cut and slices through food using less pressure.

German knives are made from western-style steel which is relatively softer and capable of holding an edge longer, requiring less sharpening than your average Japanese knife. German blades can be more versatile and durable, used for chopping, cutting and slicing, these blades are often considered more multi-purpose. Shop the biggest brands in chef knives at House of Knives. Cut through anything like a Michelin Star Chef with a brand new tojiro kitchen knife, world-renowned for its precision, quality and design. Or shop our range of Shun Kai knives, made from natural resources and forged with the blacksmithing art of the samurai.

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Get a better grip on your knife and flip through our blogs on topics including, filleting, chopping and carving techniques and how to sharpen your knife correctly. These exclusive tips on techniques and skills you can easily implement will have you cutting like a pro in no time with your brand-new knife from House of Knives.