Electric Bread Knife - Is It Worth the Price?

Cutting bread can be a tricky thing because you have to apply force and still avoid squishing the bread and leaving crumbs all over the place. In such a case, an electric bread knife would come in handy. Electric knives consist of two serrated blades held in a motorized handle. When the knife is switched on, the blades move in opposing directions, in a sawing motion which cuts the food. Electric bread knives come in different shapes and sizes, and in this electric bread knife review, we'll look at some things you have to consider when choosing an electric bread knife.

Corded or Cordless?

Electric bread knives can be cordless or corded. Cordless bread knives are powered with a battery, so they can be used at the dining table or used for outdoor activities like barbecues and camping trips. Their only drawback is that they're not as powerful as electric knives so you would need to limit how much you use them to preserve as much energy as possible. Or carry extra batteries.

A corded electric bread knife requires a source of electricity to work. The cord shouldn't be so short that it doesn't reach the workspace from the socket, neither should it be so long that it gets tangled up with other things every time you use it. Corded knives are more powerful than cordless ones, so if you frequently have hard, crusty bread, they're the ones to get.

Electric bread knife

The Blade

Some electrical bread knives have a single blade while others have a double one. Double blade knives are better than single-blade ones as they're more powerful. Many electric bread knife models come with detachable blades that you can remove and clean after use. The ideal blade length should be somewhere between 8 and 9 inches.

Electric bread knife blade


An electric bread knife needs to be strong enough to handle hard-crusted bread without caving in. Electric bread knives can also double up as carving knives so they need to be strong enough to handle tough cuts of meat without shredding them. Knife blades are also prone to rust and corrosion, depending on the type of material they're made of. Many models are made of stainless steel, which is robust and corrosion-resistant. This prevents rust from forming and contaminating food.

Safety Features

A small but crucial feature of an electric bread knife is a safety lock. Sometimes we forget to unplug appliances immediately after using them and this can pose a serious health risk. Especially if you have children. A blade lock is useful because it prevents the electric knife from starting accidentally when not being used. An electric bread knife that doesn't have this feature has to be kept unplugged always to avoid accidents.


An electric bread knife is supposed to make slicing effortless and fun. All you need to do is switch it on and hold it against the bread crust for it to slice through without having to apply downward pressure. A blunt electric bread knife is therefore the last thing you want to use, as it will mean having to apply undue force. The knife should also retain its edge for a long time, so you don't have to keep sharpening the blade or replacing it.

Still, it's inevitable that a knife will go dull. Because electric bread knives are serrated, they require special care when sharpening. Once a blade goes dull, it can be removed and sent to a professional sharpener. Alternatively, some models come with removable blades so that once a blade goes dull, you can replace it with a sharper one.

Electric bread knife


Before buying an electric bread knife, check the product information to make sure you're up to the level of maintenance required to keep it in good order. Different knives come with features that require constant care and maintenance, some of which may not be worth the effort.

The Handle

Cutting bread should be a fun experience, so the knife you use has to be comfortable to hold. Avoid a handle with squared edges. Instead of fitting properly around the contours of the hand, squared edges dig into the hand, leading to discomfort especially if you'll be slicing a lot of bread. A sleek, rounded handle will fit comfortably into the hand, which will reduce the effort you have to put in to do the slicing.

Some electric bread knife models heat up when you start using them, while others vibrate a lot. This can get quite uncomfortable so get a knife that won't do any of this. Cordless electric knives are also less bulky and thus easier to use than corded ones, so if you won't be doing a lot of heavy-duty slicing, go for the cordless ones.

Finally, the control switch should be accessible using the same hand holding the handle.

Electric bread knife handle

Battery Life

If you decide to get a battery-powered cordless bread knife, get one with long battery life. Better still, get one with rechargeable batteries so you don't always have to keep buying batteries.

Position of Start Button

Some models have their start buttons on top of the handle, while others have them at the bottom. This looks like an insignificant detail, but it actually affects how comfortable you'll be while using the knife. Some knives require you to press the start button the entire time you're cutting. If it's on top of the handle, it will require more effort and will be more uncomfortable. When the start button is underneath the handle, it's easier and more comfortable to use.

Level of Noise

Some electric bread knife models produce a lot of noise when cutting. This can be quite a nuisance, especially if the knife is being used at the table. It will drown out all the conversation! The level of noise varies with different models, so get a model with a noise level you can handle.

Final Words

If you're big on baking, you probably have to do a lot of cutting and slicing of bread. An electric bread knife would make your work easier, cleaner, and faster.

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