5 Reasons Why Bread Knives Save The Day

Nothing like a good bread knife - Shun, F. Dick and Tojiro Bread Knives

Bread knives are not just for slicing bread only; these knives can be used for many other needs as well. And when you get your hands on a Shun, F. Dick or Tojiro bread knife, you'll be reaching out for your bread knife each time you step in the kitchen. 

Tojiro bread knife

Tojiro DP3 Bread Knife

Here we list the top 5 reasons why bread knives are great to have in the kitchen:

  • It can slice a variety of soft ingredients:

When we talk about dicing and slicing, many prefer to use a chef’s knife for this purpose; however what many people don’t know is that a serrated bread knife can serve this task better. When the ingredient that you are planning to slice is too soft or your chef’s knife is not sharp enough, it can end up squashing or crushing the ingredient. A serrated bread knife will allow for a clean and easy cut.

  • It can deal with hard ingredients:

Not only limited to cutting soft ingredients, but bread knives are also great with hard ingredients too. Many chefs and homemakers prefer to use these knives for slicing hard vegetables and fruits such as cantaloupes, watermelons, pineapples and the like.

  • It can help in cake layer leveling:

If you love to prepare delicious cakes at home, a bread knife is an essential tool for your kitchen. It can help in leveling of a cake layer without disturbing its shape.

  • It is perfect for slicing hard-boiled eggs:

You will be surprised to know that a bread knife can be also used for slicing salted or hard-boiled eggs. It helps chefs to give the best appearance to their dishes without pressing down on the delicate eggs and keeping it in tact.

  • It has a comfortable grip and ergonomic handle:

Manufacturers generally design bread knives with a comfortable and ergonomic design. You can easily find many kitchen knife sets online which come with a bread knife.

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Serrated Bread Knife by Shun

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