Victorinox Knives: A Comprehensive Guide on the Brand

Victorinox is a popular knife brand that has been around for over 100 years. The company provides high-quality, well-made knives to give cooks and chefs an easy time in the kitchen.

The brand’s other categories include fragrances, travel gear, and watches. Victorinox operates in over 120 countries offering innovative products to ensure customer satisfaction. Karl Elsener founded Victorinox. Elsener opened a cutlery workshop in 1884 in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland.

In 1891, he supplied the soldier’s knife for the first time to the Swiss Army. He later made the Swiss Army Knife in 1897, creating a foundation for Victorinox.  

Victorinox Knives

Victorinox provides a wide range of knives to meet different needs. The brand offers boning, carving, skinning, slicing, filleting, and bread knives, among others. Here is a review of some of the company’s knives to consider having in your kitchen.

1.  Victorinox Fibrox Chinese Chef Knife 18cm

The Victorinox Fibrox Chinese 18cm Chef’s knife resembles a meat cleaver. It is a multipurpose blade for various cutting tasks in the kitchen, including chopping, slicing, and mincing. It also does great job scooping, scraping, and pounding ingredients. The knife is elegant and has an ergonomic handle to make cutting foods simple. It is also well-balanced and cuts vegetables, fish, steaks, and herbs efficiently to save you time and energy when preparing meals. This Swiss-made blade has a straight edge, a plastic handle and is dishwasher-safe. It feels light in hand and has a sharp edge that cuts through foods easily.

Victorinox Fibrox Chinese Chef Knife 18cm

2.  Victorinox Swiss Classic Straight Wide Santoku Knife 17cm

The Santoku knife is another versatile blade. It is a Japanese-style knife that is thinner, lighter, and smaller than a chef’s knife. Victorinox offers the Swiss Classic Straight Wide 17cm Santoku Knife. It is designed for chopping, mincing, and dicing foods. You can also use it for other cutting jobs in the kitchen. Its unique shape cuts through food fast for effortless food preparation. It has low weight to prevent fatigue, and its proper balance fosters superior performance. It also has an ultra-sharp fluted edge and a comfortable handle to keep things easy. Whichever dish you are preparing, this Santoku knife should get you through different cutting tasks.  

Victorinox Swiss Classic Straight Wide Santoku Knife 17cm

3.  Victorinox Swiss Classic Filleting Knife 16cm

Every kitchen can use a nice, high-quality filleting knife. The Victorinox Swiss Classic 16cm Filleting knife is a stunning blade with a black handle that brings together the design beautifully. It is used for removing skin, bones, and cartilage from meat. It is easy to use with a razor-sharp, flexible blade to help you maneuver through foods quickly. Cut meat or salmon into fillets easily using this filleting knife.

It is perfect for chefs and home cooking enthusiasts, providing them with an expertly made blade. It provides precision and has a straight edge. Besides, it has a comfortable handle and is dishwasher-safe to save you time. Victorinox also offers a 20cm Swiss Classic filleting knife if you need a longer blade.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Filleting Knife 16cm

4. Victorinox Swiss Classic Steak Knife Straight Edge 14cm

Every table deserves an elegant, sharp, high-quality steak knife like the Victorinox Swiss Classic 14cm. The straight-edge knife cuts through steak easily while keeping the delicious juices intact. The handle fits in hands properly to ensure comfort, while the sharp blade glides through meat effortlessly.

You get to enjoy your meal and conversation with friends or family with a steak knife that does not hold you back. The knife looks spectacular on every plate and is dishwasher-safe. It also fits in with your cutlery and adds a good taste to your kitchen. If you have a chef friend, a set of the steak knife could be a wonderful gift.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Steak Knife Straight Edge 14cm

5.  Victorinox Curved Flute Narrow Butcher’s Knife 25cm

Victorinox provides innovatively designed kitchen knives like the Curved Flute Narrow 25cm Butcher’s knife. It is high-quality, looks spectacular, is well-constructed, and will make your work easier when preparing meals. It is made for splitting, cutting, and stripping large meat cuts into smaller pieces. It is long and easy to handle with a soft, comfortable grip to keep you going. Quickly split meat cuts with this lovely butcher’s knife.

The narrow design cuts through meats easily, and like many other Victorinox knives, this blade is dishwasher-safe. The brand also provides a shorter butcher’s knife with a 20cm blade length.  

Victorinox Curved Flute Narrow Butcher's Knife 25cm

6.  Victorinox German Type Skinning Knife 18cm

Victorinox has a rich line of kitchen knives to ensure customers get the blades they need for all cutting jobs. The Victorinox German Type 18cm Skinning Knife does a good job separating meat, fish, and poultry from the bone. It has a curved blade and allows precise meat deboning to expert levels. 

You get to debone meat like a pro using a sharp, ergonomic skinning knife. The blade has a slip-resistant handle to ensure safety and comfort when preparing meat. You can also get it in a 15cm blade length if you need a shorter skinning knife. Victorinox also offers an American type 12cm skinning knife.

Victorinox German Type Skinning Knife 18cm

7.  Victorinox Cooks Wavy Carving Knife 25cm

The Victorinox wavy 25cm carving knife is a thin blade for carving precise thin slices and slicing thin pieces of meat. The knife falls in the professional knives category of Victorinox knives. It helps with preparing different meals, providing a proper grip for users. The non-slip handle is comfortable, gentle on hands, and well-balanced for seamless food preparation.

Use this Victorinox knife to slice and dice meat, vegetables, and fruits. It cuts easily through ingredients and has a blade made from high carbon stainless steel that fosters premium quality.  The company also provides a 19cm wavy carving knife and straight carving knives.

Victorinox Cooks Wavy Carving Knife 25cm

8.  Victorinox Decorating Knife 11cm

If you enjoy making foods into different shapes, the Victorinox 11cm decorating knife is for you. You can also use it to cut and peel fruits easily or cut vegetables into smaller pieces. This precision-work knife has a zigzag edge that enables you to transform fruits and vegetables into lovely decoration for your customers or guests.

It has a non-slip nylon handle to ensure safety during different precision cutting tasks. Moreover, the manufacturer utilizes high carbon stainless steel in making the blade. This Victorinox knife is dishwasher-safe and allows you to make unique, impressive shapes from any fruit or vegetable. Add fun to food preparation and surprise your guests, family, and friends.   

Victorinox Decorating Knife 11cm

9.  Victorinox Swiss Straight Slicing Knife 30cm

The Victorinox Swiss Straight 30cm Slicing Knife is a flexible blade that cuts thin slices of vegetables, roasts, and fruits. This professional knife slices meat smoothly, providing superior performance for chefs and home cooks. It will be a valuable addition to your kitchen if you do a lot of slicing during food preparation.

It has a strong, straight edge that stays put when cutting through different foods. The Victorinox knife also has a comfortable handle and is made for slicing processed meats and ham, although you can use it for other foods. It has a rounded tip, and the 30cm length cuts through food in one stroke.

Victorinox Swiss Straight Slicing Knife 30cm

10.  Victorinox Classic Butter and Cream Cheese Knife 13cm

Victorinox’s innovative product line includes the Classic 13cm Butter and Cream Cheese Knife. When butter and cheese are part of your meals, you need a quality, sharp blade for effortless cutting. The Victorinox butter knife has a wavy, sharp edge with perforations and a forked tip. The bade reduces fiction to ensure proper functioning and comfort when cutting butter and cheese.

The comfortably shaped handle adds to the knife’s user-friendly design. It is lightweight and gives you the cutting performance you need for soft foods like cream cheese and butter. The blade also looks spectacular in your Victorinox knife set.

Victorinox Classic Butter and Cream Cheese Knife 13cm

Aside from the knives in the above review, Victorinox offers additional types of knives. They include bread, brisket, boing, sticking, and breaking knives. The blades come in different lengths to ensure customers get the knife they need for different cutting jobs.

Do Chefs Use Victorinox Knives?

Chefs use Victorinox kitchen knives. The brand provides both professional and household knives to meet the needs of different users. It offers different types of knives to ensure chefs get the blade they need for varying cutting tasks. Victorinox offers boning, sticking, filleting, slicing, carving, decorating, cheese, and chef knives. It does not matter the cutting task at hand. The company has many types of knives to meet the needs of chefs.

The company also offers butcher’s and skinning knives to give professional chefs an easy time in the kitchen. The steak knives from Victorinox look stunning on every table and plate, allowing chefs to treat customers and guests to fancy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Home cooks with experience can also use Victorinox’s professional knives to prepare different foods like experts. Victorinox knives are high-grade, well-made, elegant, and durable to give you value for your money. They are also sharp, and many of them are dishwasher-safe to save you time and energy.

Victorinox knives

What Knife Is Victorinox?

A Victorinox knife is high-quality with superior functionality. It gets the job done in the kitchen. The brand offers knives with straight, curved, and wavy cutting edges to give you an easy time during meal preparation. Pick the design you prefer and begin to enjoy Victorinox knives. You can also buy different Victorinox knives and build a stunning Victorinox knife set.

A Victorinox knife is also well-balanced to ensure comfort when cutting and prevent fatigue. It has a soft, well-shaped handle for enhanced user-friendliness and overall performance. It also has lasting edge retention to save you from frequent sharpening.

What Steel Does Victorinox Use?

Victorinox utilizes high-carbon stainless steel to make knives. The material is of superior quality, giving users durable, sturdy blades for cutting all foods, soft and hard textured. High carbon stainless steel also provides top-quality sharpness that glides through foods smoothly without destroying their form. Carbon steel is also easy to sharpen, allowing you to return to work faster. However, the material needs drying and oiling after cleaning to prevent rusting.

Where Is Victorinox Made?

Victorinox knives are made in Switzerland. The brand has a rich history of over 130 years. The Swiss Army Knife is at the core of Victorinox knives. The company has grown over the years to provide more knife types to meet users' needs. Whether you need a slicing, butcher’s, skinning, filleting, steak, or bread knife, Victorinox has what you are looking for and more. The company has grown, and today it operates in over 120 countries, providing customers with innovative, elegant, high-quality knives.

Why Choose Victorinox Knives

The knife market has a variety of brands to choose from. Why would you consider buying Victorinox kitchen knives? For starters, Victorinox has been around for over a century. The experience and expertise garnered over the years have enabled the company to develop innovative knives for every kitchen.

Whether you are a professional chef or enjoy cooking at home, Victorinox knives are helpful in your kitchen. They cut through meat, poultry, vegetables, and fruits effortlessly for enjoyable meal preparation. They are sharp, ergonomic, and well-balanced to ensure user comfort at all times.

Victorinox kitchen knives have long-lasting edge retention to prevent frequent sharpening. They are durable, with a quality grip for easy cutting. Besides, they are available in more than 120 countries, allowing more customers to access the high-quality, super-sharp Victorinox knives.


Choosing the Best Knives for Your Kitchen

Having quality knives is an investment. You want to spend money on well-made blades that will serve their purpose accordingly. One of the factors to check is the material a brand utilizes. Buy knives made from quality steel hardened to a high rating to ensure durability.

Such blades stand the test of time, and you will use them a while before they need replacement. Sturdy material also ensures safe meal preparation. You do not have to worry about the blade’s integrity, especially when cutting tough foods like bones and other hard surfaces.

The best kitchen knife also has a comfortable handle with a good grip. It is non-slip and fits properly in the palm, allowing you to cut different foods with ease. While some brands use wooden handles, others use plastic or both materials. What matters is comfort for the user. A full-tang knife is also a wonderful choice, as food does not stick between the blade and handle.

Premium kitchen knives are also well-balanced. They feel great in the hands, allowing users to cut foods without discomfort. Buying knives from a physical store allows you to hold the knife and gauge its balance. That is not possible when ordering blades online. However, a review like the one above can help you know more about a knife’s balance before purchase.

You also want to buy a razor-sharp knife. Such does not smash ingredients. It ensures seamless, fun food cutting to prevent frustration in the kitchen. Whether you are slicing, chopping, filleting, or dicing, you need a kitchen knife that will do its job efficiently without inconveniencing you. Besides, a dull knife can slip off ingredients and harm you. 

A blunt knife cutting your finger is a feeling you do not want to experience. The best knife should also be easy to sharpen. That way, you do not waste much time on sharpening and do not have to hire a professional to sharpen your knives. That money can be spent on something else like an extra knife for your kitchen.

Knife Storage for Victorinox Knives

Apart from cleaning and sharpening knives, your Victorinox knives need proper storage to keep them in excellent working condition. You can store them in knife blocks, which come in different sizes and wood shades to match your décor. A knife block protects blades from damage and prevents them from rubbing against each other. It also allows quick access to your knives and helps you organize your countertop to keep it neat.

Apart from knife blocks, the market also offers magnetic strips for knife storage. They take up very little space, unlike knife blocks. You can mount a magnetic strip on the wall and save countertop space. Magnetic strips are great for small kitchens, allowing you to display knives neatly for easy access.

You can also buy a knife case or bag to ensure the proper storage of your valuable knives. A knife case or bag comes in handy if you intend to move around with your knives. Whether you offer catering services or are going on a camping trip, a knife block or magnetic strip is not what you need. A knife case allows you to store and carry your kitchen knives with ease wherever you go while preventing damage to the blades. It also prevents the knives from damaging your bag.  

Final Thoughts  

Victorinox knives are worth trying. They are high-quality, innovative, and well-made. They come with straight, curved, and wavy edges to match different customer needs. The brand provides a wide range of knives, including chef’s, slicing, bread, butter, and filleting blades. They are available in different lengths to ensure comfort and convenience for users. Victorinox also operates in many countries, ensuring that customers across the globe have access to high-quality, sharp knives for different needs in the kitchen. It has been around for over a century, offering sturdy, durable, ergonomic knives for professional chefs and home cooks. 

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