11 Types of Knives for Sale in the Market – Tips on How to Choose

11 Types of Knives for Sale in the Market – Tips on How to Choose

Having a well-maintained kitchen knife & knife block set saves you much trouble. It is efficient and allows you to use less energy for cutting, chopping, or slicing food.

Various brands provide knives made for different purposes. Whichever you choose depends on your needs. However, a chef needs multiple types of knives to ensure stress-free preparation of various foods. As you search for knives for sale, the following guide could be of help.

Types of Knives Available on the Market

Companies provide various types of knives that serve different purposes. That way, you get one that perfectly performs a given task, such as slicing bread without pushing it down. Below are the types of knives for sale.

  • Boning Knife: it is designed for removing bones from meat, fish, or poultry. The knife features a sharp point and a narrow blade that makes it easy to prepare ribs and break down a chicken.

  • Bread Knife: this type has a serrated blade for cutting smooth and hard surfaces. Use it to cut bread or cakes without squishing them. It also cuts tomatoes and sometimes seafood, meat, and poultry. 

Shun Kai Classic White Bread Knife 22.9cm

  • Carving Knife: if you need to cut thin pieces of meat, use a carving knife. It is thinner than a chef's knife. Consider having carving forks as well. They hold food in place and keep your hands away from knife blades when preparing meals.
  • Chef's Knife: this is a multipurpose type of knife. You can use it for several tasks such as mincing, chopping vegetables, and slicing meat. It has a broad blade and allows rocking back and forth for quick mincing.

A Santoku knife is a Japanese version of the chef's knife. However, it is thinner and shorter and used for slicing, mincing, and dicing, among other things that a chef's knife can do.

  • Cleavers: these are ideal for butchers. They are also usable in the kitchen for hacking through bone and meat. Besides, you can use the broadside to crush ingredients such as garlic.

Cleavers are the heaviest knives for sale. They have a thick construction and a wide blade that allows you to cut through meat and bones and hard, thick surfaces such as pumpkin.

Furi Pro Heavy-Weight Cleaver 16.5cm

Furi Pro Heavy-Weight Cleaver 16.5cm

  1. Filleting Knife: unlike a boning knife that is thicker, a fillet knife is thinner and more flexible to allow you to cut thin slices of fish.

  2. Paring Knife: it is small, versatile, and used for trimming and peeling vegetables and fruits. You can use it for delicate needs, such as slicing a garlic clove or de-veining shrimp.

  3. Santoku Knife: this is an all-purpose knife. However, it is smaller than a chef knife and used for mincing, chopping, and dicing. It is also lighter, thinner, and great for people with small hands.

F Dick Premier WORLDCHEFS Santoku Knife 18cm

  1. Sashimi Knife: it has a long and sharp blade that lets you slice flesh easily without tearing or pulling.

  1. Utility Knife: using this knife, you can cut midsized vegetables and fruits, slice cheese, and do small cuts of sandwiches and meat.

  2. Vegetable Knife: use this to slice, dice, or chop ingredients for vegetable platters, soups, and stews.

  3. Steak Knife: it is used for cooked food such as steak, fish, and chicken. Some steak knives are serrated or semi-serrated, while others are not.

From the above types of knives, choose those you need in your kitchen. You can buy a knife block set with different types of knives for use at home. However, manufacturers provide different types of knife blocks, which offer a safe place to store and display your knives.

The market offers wooden, magnetic, and magnetic-wooden blocks. Knife blocks safeguard your knives from germs and ensure secure storage.

F DICK Red Spirit 4Knives Block 4 Pc Set

F DICK Red Spirit 4Knives Block 4 Pc Set

Choosing the Right Knives for You

Whichever knife you choose depends on your needs. Keep the following factors in mind as you buy knives for sale.


While some knives serve one purpose, others are multipurpose or all-purpose.

Chef's knives are usable for various tasks, including chopping vegetables, mincing, and slicing meat. However, you cannot use a bread knife for such functions. It is for cutting bread and cakes. Besides, steak knives are for cooked fish, meat, and chicken.


This has to do with the design and size of the knife you are buying. As a busy chef, you need a knife with a proper grip and a soft, comfortable handle.

You do not want to end up with bruises after chopping, slicing, and cutting foods. Besides, if you have smaller hands, a big handle can cause discomfort.

Luke Mangan Gold Plated Chef Knife 20.5cm

Luke Mangan Gold Plated Chef Knife 20.5cm


Check the quality of the knives you buy. They should be well-built and made from high-quality, durable materials. You do not want to buy knives every other time or suffer cuts due to poorly made knives.


Who does not want to add style to the kitchen? A functional, durable, comfortable knife is great. However, it does not hurt to have a knife that is all that and stylish as well.

Add a sparkle to your space and display your collection of elegant knives on stunning knife blocks. You can buy wooden, magnetic, or wooden-magnetic depending on your preference. However, a magnetic knife block is smaller and takes up less space than a wooded model.

Miyabi Birchwood 5000MCD Utility Knife 16cm

Miyabi Birchwood 5000MCD Utility Knife 16cm

Brand reputation

Buy knives for sale from reliable companies. Such adhere to high standards of production and provide quality products. Check reviews about the knife you are looking at.

There are various types of knives for sale. Chef's and Santoku knives are usable for various tasks in the kitchen. However, others like paring, cleaver, and boning knives have specific uses.

Nonetheless, the online platform has provided customers with access to different brands of knives. Do not rely on what the manufacturer says only.

Find out more about the knives you want to buy before making any purchases.


Information on the product website is not enough. Try finding unbiased customer reviews or seek recommendations from friends and family regarding which knife brands to use.

Keep in mind quality, purpose, material, and size factors when making purchases. You do not want to buy a flimsy knife or one that is too big for your hands. Remember to order an elegant knife block or a magnetic knife bar for secure knife storage.

Go ahead and take a look at our top picks and best recommendations here now!

11 Types of Knives for Sale in the Market – Tips on How to Choose 

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