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Butcher Knife Set - Each of the Knives

A stainless steel butcher knife set comprises of a range of knives for cutting and carving meat into its final form.

A butcher knife is what you would typically see in the meat processing trade. They are used for splitting, stripping, and cutting primary meat cuts into sizeable cuts for buyers.

These knives are characterised by their large, thick, curved front and are used in combination with a boning knife to turn carcasses and large chunks of meat into primal cuts.

A butcher knife is typically too wide for boning, too stiff for filleting, too long for caping, and too straight for skinning. So it is often used in combination with other derivatives of the butcher’s knife such as the boning knife, carving knife, skinning knife, and cleaver which specialise in specific tasks.

Boning knife

Helps cutting and slicing meats from bones, fish, poultry. They are characterised by having a flexible, thin long blade.

Butcher Knife Set - Boning Knife

Boning Knife

Chef knife

Cuts standard chunks of meat and serves as a general utility knife. Variations typically seen are the German/French/Japanese chef butcher knives.

Carving knife

Cuts cooked meat into thin slices, has a blunt rounded tip, and scalloped edges to avoid any food sticking to the blade while cutting. 

Slicing Knife

knife used to cut slices of cooked or smoked meat, poultry, and fish. The blade on a Slicing knife is long, thin, and constructed with either a round or pointed tip.

Butcher Knife Set - Carving Knife

Slicing Knife

Filleting knife

These knives are used for removing bones, cartilage, and skin from the meat. You will often see many filleting knives with ‘flex’ to make it that much easier and quicker for your blade to navigate around bones and joints, and it slices exactly where you want it to.

Filleting Knives

Filleting Knife

Skinning knife

Removes animal skin from the meat, and has a very fine and keen blade for this purpose. 


Cleavers are generally used as a kitchen or butcher knife for hacking through meat and bone. The broadside can be used for crushing when preparing foods such as garlic.

Butcher Knife Set - Cleaver


In Conclusion

There are many types of butcher knives depending on the task at hand. If you are slicing cooked meat then a carving knife would be appropriate. Chopping thick chunks of raw meat? Then a cleaver is your go-to knife. Need to weave around bones and cartilage? Then a boning knife or filleting knife is up for the job depending on what you are cutting.

Being prepared and having the right tools makes all the difference when cutting and preparing your food. Make sure you have the best tools for the job by shopping our range of premium grade knives now. 

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