WSC M3 Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Package

The M3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener is designed for beginners and experts alike.
Built-in angle guides teach you how to sharpen your knives, and keep them
cutting like new.

The tapered diamond sharpening rod will restore the cutting performance of your entire knife set.

Swap it out for the ceramic honing rod and you can easily put a razor-sharp finish on your knives. It’s that simple – you’re ready to start enjoying your culinary experience with sharp, precise cutlery that’s a joy to use.


Quickly sharpen with the diamond rod, then refine and maintain the edge
using the ceramic rod. The rods interchange easily depending on your
sharpening needs.


Create a consistent edge across the entire blade.


Improve durability and increase cutting control with the optional microforge
feature. Great for veggies, proteins, and breads.