Tojiro Pro Non-Slip Finishing Whetstone #4000 26cm x 8cm x 4cm


  • Professional grade sharpening stone perfect for maintaining accuracy and precision for your knives
  • Non-slip sturdy plastic base for steady and safe sharpening
  • Ideal for daily use in the kitchen 

Tojiro’s synthetic whetstones are manufactured from fine, pefectly graded, sintered ceramic and are strongly recommended for the maintenance of Tojiro blades.

Tojiro whetstones and accessories have been developed to cater for the needs of enthusiastic cooks to professional chefs and are available in a wide range of abrasive grades:

  • Coarse (#220-#400) for repairing chips and reshaping the blade
  • Medium (#800-#1000) for regular edge maintenance
  • Fine (#3000-#8000) for polishing and hardening to a razor finish

Double Edge Whetstone Sharpening

To maintain a keen edge on your Tojiro knives, we highly recommend periodic honing with a whetstone.

Our most popular whetstone is Tojiro’s #1000/#3000 combination stone, but you may wish to start with a coarser grit for dull or damaged knives and fine-tune your edge using a high grit stone.

Tojiro recommends sharpening using the “70/30” rule - spend 70% of your time honing the primary cutting side of your knife, and 30% on the reverse side
removing burrs.

If you’re right-handed, the primary cutting side is the right side of the knife when held in a natural cutting position; if you’re left-handed, it’s the left side of the knife. 

Guide to Whetstone Sharpening