F. DICK 1905 Series Knife Block 4 Pc Set


  • Santoku Kullenschliff 18cm
  • Chef Knife 21cm
  • Bread Knife, Serrated Edge 21cm
  • Paring Knife 9cm


  • Long-lasting cutting-edge thanks to high quality German “XCrMoVMn“ chrome steel
  • Absolute sharpness thanks to double sharpening and polishing process
  • Laser-tested geometry of the cutting edge and easy-cutting slender blade
  • Perfectly balanced
  • High-quality, resistant polypropylene handle
  • Distinctive steel rings, injection-molded gap-free hygienic handle
  • Half-bolster-finger guard for easy resharpening
  • Age restricted - you must be 16+ to buy this product in NSW and South Australia, 18+ in all other areas

1905 – Tradition meets Modernity.

The exclusive designer series “1905” combines tradition and innovation. Friedr. Dick already developed this extraordinary knife with solid bolsters in the year 1905.

The connection of the steel bolsters to the plastic is inseparable, gap-free and hygienic.

The blade is well sharpened and optimally balanced and consists of the high-end chromium steel “XCrMoVMn”. The embossing completes the classically modern design of the series.

In order to view the innovative design of the 1905 series in its time, this brochure brings back the traditional knife series to its own century. It places the different knives in the context of the milestones of international events of the day around the year 1905.

1905 Series Knife Block, 4pc


The perfect ace in the hole.

Small, agile and sharp – these are the strengths of the Paring Knife. It is an essential and versatile tool in any kitchen, whether for peeling, small cutting tasks or decorations. 


The diamond in every kitchen.

The classic knife and the heart of any professional kitchen is the chef‘s knife with its stable blade. It is the most important kitchen tool for all occasions: for cutting vegetables, meat or fish.

The curved shape of the blade also makes it easy to make rocking cuts and is therefore ideal for processing herbs and onions.


Just as exotic as the Zeppelin.

This classic Japanese knife has many uses for the preparation of seafood, meat and vegetables. The blade has a Kullen edge, creating a cushion of air, which minimizes food from sticking to the knife and allows especially fine cutting.


The Mercedes among knives.

The Bread Knife is a special knife with a serrated edge and sharp point for all hard and soft types of bread. It can also be used for large poultry, such as turkey and also fish. Melons can be cut up easily with this knife.

The blade is 12 ½“ long, making it easy to cut slices very evenly with just a single cut.

Graham Tinsley 

Team Manager of the Welsh National Culinary Team

“I have found them an excellent knife especially the Chefs Knife. The knives are extremely well made and the 3 stainless steel rings around the Handle give the knives the feeling of strength as well as being a very stylish design feature. I can say without any doubt that the “1905” series knives are the best knives that I have ever used.”

Sebastian Frank 

Winner "Koch des Jahres 2011" | Executive chef restaurant Horváth (Berlin)

"My first set of knives during my apprenticeship was, and still is, made by F. DICK. As a chef I have to do my work precisely and steadily. Thus, I need high-quality cutting tools that lie good in hand and stay sharp for a long time. The wide product range of F. DICK offers the right tool for each kind of work."

Uwe Staiger 

Former Team Manager Culinary Team of the Master Association of Gastronomers (Germany)

“Friedr. Dick products offer the best possible support for a convincing performance during competitions on high international level – all you need for creative cooking!”

The Professionals Only Choice

Friedr. Dick is well known to professional chefs around the world as the leading innovator in its field. Its international reputation as a manufacturer of quality utensils is based on the consistent reliability and longevity life of our products.

Friedr. Dick supplies numerous national culinary teams with knives and utensils. The firm’s longstanding tradition and experience in manufacturing as well as close cooperation with professional chefs facilitates a constant stream of innovation.

How to protect the blade: the correct storage

Knives should always be stored in a suitable knife block, on a magnetic board or in a protective edge guard. Under no circumstances should a finely honed and highly polished blade comes into contact with other hard materials such as metals, ceramic or stone. Enjoy the feeling of possessing something really quite special and treasure your knife.

A touch of oil for the wooden handle

The days of applying oil and powder to your knives every day belong back in the 19th century. However, for long-term care, knives should be treated now and again with quality cooking oil from the kitchen (e .g. olive oil). This is suitable for the blade as well as for the natural wooden handle.


Precisely because of the unique material structure and the special cutting technology of the “1778” knives, they should not be used for chopping bones, portioning lobsters, or be misused in any other way.

We recommend using a cutting board made of wood or plastic. However, even the best knife used on the best boards will lose its sharp edge over time.

Frequent and repeated use of a sharpening steel considerably prolongs the sharpness of the blade. Because of the remarkable hardness of the knives in the “1778” series, we recommend using the Dick titan sharpening steel.

If home sharpening or whetting ceases to have the desired effect, we recommend that you have your knives ground or sharpened by a qualified specialist.