KitchenIQ™ Diamond Edge Knife & Scissors Sharpener

Electric Features

  • Interlocking diamond wheels for setting the initial edge of the knife, sharpen both sides of the blade at the same time
  • 240V

Manual Features

  • Ceramic stones provide final edge honing for straight edge or serrated edge blades
  • Ceramic pull-2-lock retractable scissor sharpener

Diamond Edge Gourmet™ Knife & Scissors Sharpener

Offering the flexibility of both electric and manual sharpening together, the Diamond Edge Gourmet Sharpener features electric interlocking diamond abrasive wheels which hollow grind both sides of the blade evenly to bring dull knives back to a precision machine edge, and a manual finishing slot for polishing a freshly ground edge, or for sharpening serrated blades. 

It also features a Pull-2-Lock retractable scissor sharpener with the adjustable ceramic rod to achieve the perfect angle for both left and right-handed scissors.