Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser 340g

Product Information:

Caring for your cookware investments is a smart move and this exceptional product from Mar Keeper’s Friend will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. To keep your stainless steel, copper, ceramic and hard anodised pans in tip top shape with this gentle yet effective formula, simply shake well then squeeze your Cookware Cleaner onto a wet surface then rub gently with a wet cleaning cloth or sponge. If a stain is stubborn, allow the cleaner to sit for a minute then rub gently and rinse well.

Key Features:

* Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish Powder
* 2 x 340 grams bottles
* Suitable for Stainless Steel, Copper, Ceramic & Hard-Anodised
* Sprinkle onto wet surface & rub gently within a minute