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Sharpen your knives to perfection with a high-quality Japanese whetstone. House of Knives is a leading online retailer offering premium-quality kitchen knife sharpeners from the world’s top brands at affordable prices. Shop our range of Japanese Whetstones today!

House of Knives Proudly Stocks Japanese Whetstones from Top Brands

It’s no secret your knives begin to dull after repeat usage. Even the highest quality cooking knives start to lose their sharpness overtime. Especially knives forged from Japanese steel, which is notorious for requiring more sharpening sessions than your average German blade. In order to keep your knives in tip-top shape, regularly sharpening may be required.

Shop the best brands in whetstone by Tojiro. With products suitable for home and commercial use, Tojiro provides you with professional quality sharpness that ensures precision and accuracy for your knives after each use.

Tojiro whetstone helps to restore worn blades by removing chips and reshaping the knife edge. This premium whetstone can also be used to restore minor scratches on your knife. Crafted from sturdy materials, the non-slip base ensures your stone is steady, safe and ready for sharpening.Β Β Β 

What is a Japanese Whetstone?

Japanese whetstones are known for their superior sharpening performance for all types of kitchen tools. Equipped with a coarse grit, whetstone helps you polish knives all the way back to their correct shape. The main goals of a Japanese whetstone are to rough grind, sharpen and hone dull knife blades. Certain whetstones may perform one function better than another, and this is dependent on the grit level of the whetstone.

Different Whetstones for Different Uses

The grit level is what makes each whetstone unique. This loosely bonded abrasive grit washes out quickly as it blunts during the sharpening processes, which then exposes new particles that can continue to sharpen the blade. For rough sharpening, use a stone ranging from 120-400 grit. This level of sharpening can remove chips along the edge or restore a dull blade. Stones from 700-2000 grit can be used for normal sharpening. To remove scratches and to polish your knife, 2000 grit stones are your best option.Β Β Β 

Why House of Knives?

Beyond Japanese Whetstone, we offer an extensive range of handpicked high-quality knives by top brands from all around the globe. We also offer any type of knife accessory you may require, from whetstones and sharpeners to chopping boards, knife blocks and knife holders, House of Knives stocks all your necessary and unique kitchen utensils. We also stock an extensive range of kitchen knives online and ship to any postcode in Australia – with free shipping options available on select orders.

Our product offering doesn’t stop at knives. In addition to our Knife sets, we are proud to provide a range of cookware, tea and coffee products, cleaning solutions and kitchen accessories.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority at House of Knives

House of Knives promises to provide a seamless experience for all customers, from first order to final delivery. All of our products come with a factory-certified warranty and if you are unhappy with your product, a full refund or exchange for your items may apply.

If you have any questions regarding our product offering or wish to speak with one of our knife experts, don’t hesitate to reach out. For the best knives in the world, none compare to House of Knives. Give our office a call at +1300 518 069 or send an email to help@houseofknives.com.au and your enquiry will be responded to within the same business day.


Sharpen your knives to perfection with a high-quality Japanese whetstone. House of Knives is a leading online retailer offering premium-quality kitchen knife sharpeners from the...