There is no doubt to say that knives are one of the essential tools for every home. The market these days is loaded with a wide range of kitchen knives that you can think of buying online; however, people often find it difficult to choose the best product for their routines.

Most of the time, all knives appear almost the same in terms of features, and beginners get confused while making a selection. Experts often recommend comparing them on the basis of ergonomic handles and sharp blades.

One of the most popular choice for kitchen knives in the market is Tojiro knives. However, some of you might be eager to know why to choose them. There are many reasons to choose Tojiro knives for your kitchen, and a few of them are listed below.

Tojiro Knives

Why choose Tojiro Knives?

A quality knife is the first most requirement for every kitchen. It is essential to display your professional culinary skills and to bring recipes in the best shape to the guests.

Although we cannot say that all knives are made equal; they vary in features even when they are designed under the same brand. There are key things to know about Tojiro knife collections that prove them to be the best choice for every kitchen.

Below we have highlighted several of these features that can help you when deciding to make a purchase:

  • Sharp blades:

Tojiro Knives are known for their high-quality steel and ultra-sharp blades. With such an efficient blade, they ensure great efficiency for your routine needs. Chefs recommend them to every kitchen as they ensure higher functionality and flexibility.

  • Thinner finish:

When you are more concerned about precision in cutting, the thinner finish of blades is always the prime requirement. They can ensure higher maneuverability and enhanced functionality. You can also find many Tojiro knives with double bevel blades.

  • Lightweight design:

These knives are commonly recommended for lighter weight and handy design. Even beginners also find them comfortable to hold during extended cooking hours. You can easily find Tojiro Japanese knives with a variety of designs and weight ranges to choose the best one for your needs.

  • Ergonomic handle:

Irrespective of all other features, a knife is always desired to be handy and functional. The ergonomic handles of Tojiro knives make them suitable for all your routine cutting and chopping needs. Note that, Tojiro knife handles are curved uniquely, and they have an additional layer of lamination that does not deform with time.

  • Bolsterless heel:

A kitchen knife that is designed without bolster is generally easier to sharpen and have lighter weight as well. The bolster is usually a personal preference, and it is not so common in Japanese made kitchen knives.

Heston Blumenthal 

Owner of the three Michelin stars restaurant The Fat Duck, voted No. 1 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2005.

"I use Tojiro knives for their precision, quality and design."

What our customers say about Tojiro knives

Best vegetable knife we have 

Tojiro DP3 Series (3 Layers) Nakiri Vegetable Knife 16.5cm

I bought the kitchen knife for my wife so she can enjoy preparing meals for us. So far, she’s happy with it. Although she’s using other knives, suffice to say it’s the best vegetable knife we have.
In my case, I have interest in katanas and the way they’re made. Japanese kitchen knives are adaptation of authentic katanas. The core down to the edge is still hard but the cladding or outer layer is intended for minimizing rust, etc. and not for the katana’s original combat design, which is ideal for kitchen use.
The Tojiro we have is ideal for everyday normal home use, in terms of quality and price. Because it has a hard edge (HRC60???), one doesn’t have to sharpen it often provided that it’s used in a proper way.

Tony A.

Exactly what my son wanted. Excellent 

Tojiro Pro Flash Damascus Chef's Trifecta Knife Gift Set D

A 21st birthday present for my son. Once I saw the 3 piece Tojiro Pro Flash Damascus Chef's Trifecta Knife Gift Set D I knew he would love it Presentation box was a bonus. Service and delivery was fast. I would recommend buying from house of knives again.
Helen B.

Are Tojiro knives your all-time favourite?

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