How to safely dispose of old kitchen knives

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How to safely dispose of old kitchen knives

There will come a time when you may want to replace old and worn out knives with a newer set. You can’t just throw them in the bin as that’s extremely dangerous. So what should you do?

Consider donating them

Depending on the quality of your knives a good option would be to donate them to your local charity or 2nd hand shop. If they are rusty or in poor condition then selling them for scrap metal would be a more appropriate option.

Throwing them away

If you opt to throw them out then ensure you wrap the knife safely and securely to avoid any harm coming to yourself or others when disposing of the knife.

The best option is to wrap the knife in butcher’s paper first (if available) and then several layers of bubble wrap fastened with duct tape.

Alternatively if you don’t have bubble wrap then wrapping the knife in cardboard, newspaper or any other material around your home will do the trick. Make sure to fasten the material securely around the knife.

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