5 Reasons to Choose Tojiro Pro Flash Knives

Having the best accessories and tools in the kitchen is paramount for any serious chef. There are many things that any homemaker or chef may require in the kitchen, however the importance of good quality kitchen knives cannot be overlooked. They are an essential tool for every cook.

The market is saturated with a wide range of brands, shapes and designs for kitchen knives but not all of them are suited to your cooking style or needs. There is a particular series of knives by the Japanese knifemaker Tojiro which is a must for every chef and homemaker; the Tojiro Pro Flash knives.

A lot of manufacturers claim to manufacture the sharpest, toughest, balanced and comfortable knives to use but in the midst of all these claims, you may be wondering what makes the Tojiro Pro Flash knife series stand out from the rest?

Why Choose Tojiro Flash Knives?

Tojiro Pro Flash knives feature a blade folded and forged construction of 63 layers of Damascus steel.

Due to the thin layer of VG-10 steel in its centre it allows the blade to be extremely hard and sharp while retaining its flexibility and strength.

Here are 5 quick points that make these knives a must in every kitchen.

  • Classic steel construction:

They are designed with high-quality steel material. The laborious construction process ensures twisting and folding of VG10 Damascus steel of 63 layers. The Damascus steel leaves it with a classic and rippled appearance.

  • Thinner blades:

Experts often recommend investing in a kitchen knife with thinner blades when it comes to thinner and more accurate cuts with higher maneuverability. The double bevel blades make these knives stand out among many other competitors in the market.

  • Lightweight design:

Users love these knives due to their handy and lightweight design. Even during long food preparation sessions, you will never get tired of using these knives.

  • Ergonomic handle:

Comfort is paramount to the holder and these knives are created with that in mind. That is why they have designed the handle of this knife series with a unique curve to fit in the palm of your hand. The beautifully crafted Micarta handles are also embedded with stainless steel and are made from linen and synthetic resin compounded by extreme amounts of pressure and heat creating a wood-like grain and feel giving it the highest level of durability.

  • Bolsterless heel:

Tojiro has manufactured these knives without the bolster, making the knife significantly lighter and easier to manoeuver. Yet another element which emphasizes comfort for the user.

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