Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife Set

Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife Set

Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife Set 

Having the right knife for the right job is important. However, sometimes one just isn’t sure if they have the best set of knives for most of the cooking they’ll do in the kitchen. You need to be sure that you have the best kitchen knife set for your needs, otherwise, you’ll always be disappointed with the food you make.

Here are the top kitchen knife sets for different kitchens:

F DICK ErgoGrip Knife 6 Pc Set

Meat is exciting to eat, but it can be a nuisance to prepare if you don’t have the right tools. If you’re a meat-lover, this is the best kitchen knife set for you! It contains all the knives you need to prepare meat for the grill.

  • A sticking knife – This is a pointed, double-edged blade about 6 inches long. It’s used to “stick” or bleed out livestock for people who like to do the home butchering.
  • Trimming knife – This looks like a mini boning knife and is used for a number of simple tasks like removing meat from the bone in delicate cuts or creating garnishes.
  • Butcher’s knife – This is a large knife with a curved blade used to cut large cuts of meat or trim the fat.
  • Boning knife – This is a narrow-bladed knife used for removing meat from the bone.

Blades in this knife set are sturdy, precise, and extremely sharp, while the handles are firm and comfortable to grip.

F DICK ErgoGrip Knife 6 Pc Set

F DICK ErgoGrip Knife 6 Pc Set

F DICK Active Cut Roll Bag Starter Set 8 Pc

This 8 piece knife set has everything you need to prepare virtually any ingredient for cooking-from meat, to fruit, to vegetables and even fish. It also comes with a 12-piece roll-up textile bag to store your knives safely and allow you to transport them if you need to move around with them. The knives feature a sharp, corrosion-resistant blade, a hygienic gap-free transition between the handle and the blade, and a half-bolster that allows for sharpening of the entire blade.

In addition to a boning knife, other items in this set include:

  • Paring knife – This knife works great with precise tasks like peeling veggies and fruits, making patterns, and coring fruit. It can also be used to devein shrimp.
  • Chef knife – You rarely miss a chef knife in a kitchen. Chef knives have a wide blade tapering to a point and can be used to mince, chop and slice.
  • Utility knife – This is a cross between a paring and a chef knife. It is multipurpose and can be used to slice veggies and fruits and cut the meat up as well.
  • Filleting knife – Fish is delicate and has to be prepared carefully. A filleting knife is thin, flexible, and curved. This allows you to remove the skin from fresh fish without messing it up.
  • Santoku – A Santoku looks like a chef knife but with a thinner, shorter, and flatter blade. It’s great for slicing, dicing, and mincing meat and vegetables.
  • Buffet tongs – After you’ve prepared and cooked your food, you need to serve it, and the buffet tongs does just that.
  • Sharpening steel – A sharpening steel allows you to hone your knives into shape so they can function at their best.

F DICK ActiveCut Roll Bag Knife Starter 8 Pc Set

F DICK ActiveCut Roll Bag Knife Starter 8 Pc Set

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

Sometimes people buy entire knife sets and then they discover they have nowhere to keep the knives. If you’re planning to buy a set of knives and you’re worried about storage, this is the best kitchen knife set for you.

It comes with a strong 14 inch (36cm) magnetic strip that can be easily mounted on the kitchen wall. A major drawback of magnetic strips is that they can accidentally scratch the knife blades. The Furi Pro magnetic wall strip is coated with the black silicone to avoid this and make it scratch resistant as well. It is strong enough to hold 6 knives comfortably and can be mounted on a wooden, tiled, or brick surface. The wall plugs and screws needed for mounting are included in the package.

In addition to a paring knife, this kitchen knife set contains four other knives:

  • East/West Santoku knife– It’s like a Santoku knife but with its belly curved like that of a chef’s knife. Its deep blade allows for large tasks, while the scallops along the blade prevent food from sticking. The reverse wedge shapes handle allows for a secure, comfortable grip.
  • Chef’s bread knife– Bread has a hard crust and a soft interior, so it needs a knife that can cut through the crust without squishing it and reducing the bread to crumbs. The Furi Pro chef’s bread knife is great at this. It has rounded serrations which make it easier to slice the bread without tearing it. It also has a 2cm long non-serrated tip which allows you to poke through an extra hard crust or make small cuts. It’s a bread knife, but it can also be used to carve meat.
  • Serrated multi-purpose knife– This knife is great for slicing ingredients with tough exteriors such as hard cheese, tomatoes, baguettes, and sausages.
  • Asian vegetable chopper– The wide, rectangular blade of this chopper allows it to handle thick and heavy vegetables easily. The flat side of its wide blade is also ideal for crushing garlic, scooping ingredients, and transferring them.

Knives have to be kept sharp for them to perform well. This set comes with a pull-through Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener that allows you to take charge of your knives and keep them sharp and in good condition.

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

Wusthof Classic Series Knife 3 Pc Set

For some people, the best kitchen knife set is the one with just the basics, like this knife set. It comes with only three knives:

  • 16cm Sandwich Knife – This is a knife designed to cut through ingredients sandwiched in between two slices of bread.
  • 20cm Cooks Knife – Also known as a chef’s knife, the cook’s knife has evolved from a knife used primarily to cut joints of meat to a multipurpose knife that can handle meat, veggies, and fruit.
  • 9cm Paring Knife – The paring knife comes in handy when you want to do delicate work on veggies and fruit.

They are made of special alloy stainless steel which ensures they are corrosion resistant. The handle seamlessly joins the blade, which encourages hygiene.

Wusthof Classic Series Knife 3 Pc Set

Wusthof Classic Series Knife 3 Pc Set

Final Words

Whether you want a large and diverse set of knives or a small, intimate family of knives, there’s always a good kitchen knife set available for you.

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